/now is an opportunity for me to give an update on what I am keeping busy with that or what I am currently focused on. I got the idea for this page from Derek Severs and the "now page" movement. It's a simple and fun way to broadcast what I'm doing to anyone interested. I don't have socials so this is a nice alternative for status updates.

What am I up to?

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I'm going backpacking

I am planning my first ever backpacking trip. I'm visiting a "dark sky" park East of Green Bay, WI later this month. I've never been camping as an adult, and I've never gone backpacking ever. I am excited to get out into the woods and see some stars next to Lake Michigan on a solo trip. I'm backpacking into a pack-in campsite a couple miles into the woods for just two nights. It won't be a super wild experience - the campsite will have some amenities - but it will be a great first trip out.

Hopefully, the first trip of many.

Working on this silly website

I've moved this website onto the digital ocean app platform. I liked managing the virtual private server myself, but it was a lot of work just to run make and then rsync the results of the build output.

I learned a lot about ansible, terraform, packer, etc managing the vps hosting my site but oh baby it is a hassle sometimes. The app engine will let me just focus more on writing more than managing.

This site is built with the 11ty static site engine. I am right this very moment working on getting a very bare bones design for the site up and running before I spend additional time working on it further. The bare bones site is significantly more function than form. I'd like to eventually start experimenting more with web design in general, and this (eventually) may be a fun place to do it.

Learning Clojure

I've really enjoyed working in lisp languages in the past and Clojure is similarly fun. I have the most experience with Common Lisp, and Clojure is a very different experience. Common lisp has an amazing developer experience combined with systems like sly and slime. I think that Clojure certainly lags behind in that area - especially because of its lack of condition/restart system. There is no debugger you drop into when you run into errors at runtime or compile time like in CL. Similarly there are no stack frames to replay after you make changes.

Clojure is a little easier to write though given the data literals, and standard library (and extended library through java interop).

Anyway, it's been fun but challenging. I want to make a game eventually.


I'm burned out on work lately, and I'm glad spring is finally fully in-bloom as it were. It's time to go outside.